Gone “Downloading” for the Weekend

This week’s been one frenzy week to start with.

First, after hounding PLDT people everyday to get my DSL connection back, after threatening that I’d cancel my DSL subscription because of poor, sluggish service (as if this threat would make a difference) my internet connection was finally restored yesterday. Okay, that is after more than two weeks of mad calls with their call center and after sending a couple of emails to their customer service supervisor to express my frustrations on how poor their service are, they finally gave in. Whew.

Then just in time for my DSL resurrection, I bought a new gadget…..the iPod Touch. Since I cannot afford (just yet) the iMac desktop or even the Macbook, I opted to buy the “cheapest” apple gadget that would basically suit my needs….wireless internet connection, music storage and photo files among others.



Okay, I’m now a self confessed mac lover. I should’ve started using apple way back but well, it’s never too late. Someday I will get that Mac air! I like!

In the meantime, I’m quite engaged downloading songs to fill up my iTouch…so maybe it’ll take a while ’till my next post. Lol.

Good thing it’s a holiday tomorrow! Weeee!






15 thoughts on “Gone “Downloading” for the Weekend

    1. Hey Jaiskizzy….i was browsing thru my old posts when I came across this one. Just to update you…to date….Ive got TWO MACBOOKS ….(one macbook pro), an IPAD, an iTouch and a 64g iPhone….hmmm…i guess I’m not a maclover eh?


  1. Hi jaiskizzy!

    I can be a mac lover even if I don’t have one or if I’m not using one because I’ve learned to appreciate Mac.

    I’ll have one soon….when my budget says so…lol. so I guess being a “certified” mac lover would have to wait ….

    Thanks for the visit.


  2. pinag-isipan kong maige kung anong bibilhin ko, ipod touch or ipod classic(160GB). pinili ko ipod classic(160 GB), adik kasi ako sa mga kanta sa mga movies at syempre sa mga tv series. may nokia e-51 naman ako for my wireless internet connection. so yun!

    congrats mommy! naiimagine ko na habang ginagamit mo yung ipod-touch mo!

    kewl mom! nyahahahaha! 😛


  3. Enoch, ay oo, mag ipod classic ka nga kung kailangan mo ng malaking memory. Pero meron nang lumabas na iTouch na mas malaki ang memory, 32G nga lang…..

    Maria – manager ka diyan! Haller, di ko pa afford ang laptop eh. pero ganda talaga ng Mac air. Tapos ang mac book pro may bagong labas na mas mataas ang specs….(ahem, kuro, mac book pro na mas mataas ang specs…hehe)


  4. Haha. Ladyracer, di ko pa nilalagay kasi wala pa akong Mac air eh… Hehehe. Ang mahal niya kainis. Di ko afford.

    Maria – pramis, hindi ko siya afford. nakakahinayang gumastos ng ganon kalaki eh.

    Kuro – korek. nasa social circle na ako hehe. charing! Oi, ano bibili ka ba ng Mac??? Mac Pro? May bagong labas na mataas ang specs.


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