Playing Good Samaritan

Earlier this afternoon, as I am on my way back to the office after a client meeting and while waiting for my cue to turn right in a street somewhere in the Scout area, I heard a knock on my window. I turned around to see a family trio, standing next to my door. Alright, with the vicious crimes going around and hold-ups even at high noon, I have the highest probability that you’ll tell me where my common sense is and that I am downright stupid to roll down my windows and speak to the three strangers. But I did. Without thinking.

The man, carrying a boy was close to tears when he said his son has dengue fever. They’ve got no money to bring the poor child to the hospital blah, blah, blah…asking for financial help. Since I was blocking the street, I said that I would pull over to the other side and instructed them to follow me. Long story short, I reached for my bag, took my wallet, and realized that I only had two 500 peso notes inside. Without thinking, I took one and handed it to them. I saw genuine gratitude from the way they looked at me as they hurriedly walked away to bring their son to the hospital.

Okay. Everything happens for a reason. There must be a reason why of all cars and of all people , I was the one waiting in that secluded street and they were there walking helplessly around the corner. 

Two reasons: maybe I was bound to get duped today and there goes my 500 bucks, if those people are indeed typical swindlers disguised as an indigent family in distress. Or maybe, as my instincts tell me, they really need help. And my 500 peso at least saved a child’s life. 

Whatever the truth is, I will never find out. And since I have no way of figuring it out, I would rather believe that they are indeed telling the truth. Somehow, it feels good to play a good samaritan after all.

And who wants to voluntarily give five-hundred-freakin’-bucks to a bunch of strangers??? Yeah I know, only stupid people do. 


7 thoughts on “Playing Good Samaritan

  1. wow.! ang bait mo naman. napaka generous mo.
    ano kaya hanapin kita at mang hingi din ako sayo.
    sarap naman ng 500. oh! how i miss ninoy. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


  2. hakhak. sweeeeeeeeet :] malayo ang mararating ng 500 peysus mu at pagpapalain ka din ng Maykapal. hahahahaha!!!

    kapag nagpanggap ako na maging pulubi,
    bibigyan mo kaya ako?

    hehehe.. =P


  3. Maria and Anne Marie – ewan ko kung katangahan ko kabaitan yon. Hahaha. Sana may magandang napuntahan ang limang daang piso ko.

    Pia – I have no idea. Sana magaling na yung bata ngayon.

    Tina – haha. KUng mahahanap mo ako, at kung nasa mood pa din ako na tumulong. hehehe

    batopik – ay naku, I’m sure hindi ka papasang pulubi! hehehe


  4. Nakakaiyak. =( What if hindi ikaw yung nilapitan ng family? What if it wasn’t your car’s window they knocked? What if someone else got pissed off with them begging for money. What if they weren’t treated the way they should be. You see, everything really happens for a reason. Superwoman with a heart. =)

    Sana nga lang di nga sila swindlers.


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