Lost and Found

The internet never cease to amaze me. Ok, if you find it too cliche-ic, sue me. At least I found something to blog about before this li’l ‘ol turf gets buried to the eternal ho-hum world.

Aside from providing the information you need with just a few mouse clicks here and there, you get to find your long lost old chums in elementary and high school years, or you find yourself being hunted by some ghosts from your past. And I mean these “ghosts” whom the last time you remembered seeing them was when you wanted to hit them with a hefty thwack on their face. Ok, it’s a bit of an exaggeration but the thing is, you never thought that an ex-flame would find you again, of all places – thru Facebook. If I am to give credit to Facebook, it’s how it re-connects people who wanted to get re-connected; likewise, I discredit it for enabling people to track you down by a few kilobytes’ run or so. 

Anyway, after finding a number of people from my adolescent years and realizing that ex-flames sometimes do rise up from the dead, I’ve discovered a handful of recurring behavior that I find quite odd :


  • I’d mentally measure the poundage they’ve gained through the years by simply scanning their photos. If my estimate is more than my extra weight, well hell ya, I am relieved. At least, there’s more of them who are plus-sized than me. 
  • I’d take note if they have changed their surnames or not. Well, why not? It’s an assurance that I am not the only single woman standing in this world! Like, welcome to the club dearie!
  • Sometimes, I would silently comment how much older they looked than their age. So I admit, I can be shrewd at times. So sue me again.
  • Oh and I’d scan “the-ex’s”  profile for pictures of the wife. I get curious to see the one whom they ended up with. Then I see only imperfections – too fat, too dark, too old….hah! I’m prettier as always…hahahaha! Bitterness. tsk.

Tsk.tsk.tsk.  Me-is-bad. Me-is-rude. Me-is-bitter. 

Hey, I’m sure you’ve acted this way before. C’mon.


14 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. maria

    hahaha. naku ako ayoko tignan ung HS and 1st year college pics ko, yuckers kasi!!!! pero kamiss ate noh hayy… but whenever i look at my 2nd yr college pics, i also feel bad somehow coz i dont understand how i managed to have a round face again nyahahaha!!!


    1. Hahaha! Maria, at least ma-motivate ka pag tinitignan mo pics mo nung highschool and college. Lalo ka pa mainspire di ba? kasi ibig sabihin, kayang kaya natin itoh! Yes we can! Haha, para akong si Obama niyan.



  2. Hey there Scarlett! So lovely to hear from you 😀 How have you been? Sometimes we do need a break from things. It makes coming back so much sweeter.

    I have my school reunion in a couple of weeks time. Most of us haven’t seen eachother in 20 years. It is going to be soooo strange. I’ll be sure to blog about it after. Your post made me smile, because I have been wondering what will be going through my mind when I meet my old friends, and what you have written here is exactly what I think I’ll be doing….lol!

    Hope you are well and wishing you a lovely weekend 🙂


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