Down and confused.

After sixteen years of working in the industry, I still haven’t got used to the cycle of emotional ups and downs. The free roller coaster ride of loving your job and hating it. Of being pushed to the wall just so you could produce.

I’ve had my share of triumphs and losses, and these add up to my so-called corporate life. But time comes when you begin to wonder if it’s still worth  to walk the direction you chose 16 years ago. If its still worth all the pressure and the sleepless nights. When you can barely put on a smile because you think about your impending task at hand.

In this job where you’re as good as your last deal,  where one day you are seated right next to the gods because you have the numbers printed on your forehead….then to wake up the next day alone and abandoned, because your star has lost its luster, and your numbers have drastically gone down, way way down.

Sixteen years. No regrets.

But its time to think about moving on and get out of my comfort zone.

Because I am old, and I need a breath of fresh air.


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