What I Hate (and Love) about Facebook

I admit. I can’t end the day without logging on to my FB account. Better yet, I can’t spend the day without peeking at my mobile phone for the news feed, and even can’t control my itchy finger urging to scroll down once that red color appears on my notifications page.

I am a facebook lurker. But of late, I get distracted with what I see on my wall.

Excessive information about one’s daily life can be exasperating. Sure, I get the highs when I get connected with long lost friends, with special people whom I’ve always wondered how they were doing after not seeing them for years. And I am amazed how facebook can get us connected and updated even when we are not physically together. These are the times.

But, forgive me. Too much of the good things can get irritating. Passively annoying.

Such inordinate posts about trivial stuff can really get into one’s system. By trivial I mean – being late for work, how stressful your day is, what to wear for the day (or what you’re wearing) a missing shoe, buying a new toothbrush, having braces or removing them, a flat tire, an injured knee, going to the gym everyday, having too much to eat, playing with your pet, how you cried watching a sappy movie, trying on a new make up….and list can go on and on.

I get dizzy with too much face on my computer screen, those selfies I mean. One or two shots is excusable, but a multitude of them in different poses and angles, all bundled up in a collage, and worse, obviously photoshopped or edited by some phone app – simply outrageous.  Not to mention those poses in front of the mirror with your hand vertically holding your mobile phone.

It seemed mandatory to post the kids’ new toys, the new gadget you just purchased, your brand new car, new purses, your new chandelier, those pasalubongs, the gifts from santa. Endless ooohsss and aaaahssss and thank-yous.  I can tolerate a couple to these, but repeated, and almost habitual postings of such are just too much to ingest.

Then there are the hate posts. They are sort of guess-who-I’m-talking-about kind of thing, but it is so intriguing that you end up generating comments and queries about who and what happened. I don’t mind them at all. It is even quite amusing to join in the fun, of adding insult to injury. You get to solicit empathy from your cirlcle of friends, having an assurance that your facebook friends could rally behind you in your battles. But then again, too much of this could make you appear you are loaded with so much baggage.

But of course, Facebook is not about all these things. I love reading quotes, sensible quotes. I like getting pointers about traveling. Those baby pictures I am so fond of. Family gatherings, weddings, reunions, all things positive and worth celebrating. Everything in moderation.

With this I have come to realize that I’ve become a different person once I log in. There’s unsolicited advice on my comments, there’s disliking a friend just because of his/her posts. There’s even judgement just because of one’s status. I don’t like what I turn to when I use my facebook.

Perhaps its time to use less of facebook this coming year. Facebook has done a great deal to people who get connected again. But sometimes, it destroys friendships and ruins people’s lives.

There’s more to life than those news feeds and statuses.

And I can’t believe I am able to post again after a long time.


It’s One of Those Days.

You know it’s one of those days when….

  1. Your eyes are transfixed on your computer screen for hours, and you can’t seem to get things done at work. Only to realize it’s already time to go.
  2. You pig out during lunch and dinner time, as if it’s going to be the last meals of your life. And in between those monumental food tripping, you think more about what to eat in between….ice cream, chips, chocolates matched with a very ice-cold soda.
  3. The rains add up to your dumpy mood.
  4. Nothing and no one can cheer you up.
  5. You’re physically here but you’re there….still wandering about your recent three week sojourn, which you find it hard to get over with.
  6. The dark clouds cling to you like fridge magnets. The more you run away, the more sticky they become.
  7. …and lastly, you remember you have an inactive blog, log in and type away your thoughts. Wahla, you have a new post!
Aaaah….it’s one of those friggin’ days again.

My Hiding Place


A laid back, not-your-usual kind of cafe.  If you’re a fast-paced highly engaged individual, this place is not for you. Orders take time as Van Gogh prepares the dishes with utmost passion. You bus your own table. You ring the bell by  the kitchen window if you need something else. You write your orders and tally your own bill on a piece of paper. Just a few of Van Gogh’s house rules –  breaking it won’t land you in jail, but do so at your own risk. 😛


Organic teas are served based on your mood preference, on a teapot of your choice. Banana, Avocado, Mango, Spanish plum, Mint, Ginger, Guyabano flavors. All these are natural remedies for your weary senses.

van goghMismatched pieces of furniture are a perfect visual delight. Works of art adorn the walls creating an impression of unrivaled craftsmanship.

And there’s my favorite curse wall – painted in red, I call it the freedom wall because you can write and vent and curse all you want. Release your anger, frustrations, what-have-yous. A perfect emotional punching bag for those who are having a bad hair day.

Every visit is a feast to my taste buds. The owner  is patient and accommodating enough to explain how each food on the menu helps produce certain hormones on your body that could help you beat stress, anxiety and a whole lot more.  PA210172 This particular dish beats depression – Larry Flynt’s Cabbage Experience. Freshly boiled cabbage, dried fish, salted eggs together with fresh fruits of the day complemented by a special sauce turn into an ultimate fusion of flavors I never thought would taste good together.

We seek refuge here for a quick respite from the toxic corporate world. But intentions of a short stay are almost always extended to long hours of conversations over a cup of tea, or rather “cups of tea” 🙂 At times,  we relish moments of just sitting there, in tranquil solitude, in the presence of dear friends who are equally immersed in their own private thoughts, unwary of everything else outside.

It is also the best place to cap a tiring day. Conversations with Van Gogh (the owner) are also as splendid – from his travel adventures to insights about how his bipolar brain works. Devoid of traditional business goals, he set-up the cafe not to gain profit, but to fulfill his passion of  providing food that leaves you happy and in good spirits. He is also generous to give complimentary food on some days. He creates the place where disorder becomes an orderly thing.

I wish for the place to stay the way it is. A quaint, unconventional haven for those who lust for something unusually pleasant. A place not so crowded, far and safe from the claws of commercial greed.

Ok – so here’s the place I’m so raving about :

Van Gogh is Bipolar Living Space/Art Gallery Cafe – 154 Maginhawa st., Sikatuna Village (inner courtyard)

Open from 5pm onwards, open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays.  Closed on Tuesdays.

Search Facebook for its official page.

Off She Goes

Screaming in the silence of her thoughts. Pallid in the wake of everything that surrounds her. She runs. She scrambles. She feels the presence of a maelstrom brewing. Cries resonating from afar continue to haunt her, the farther she runs, the nearer she hears. 

Ruins of the past flicker. And all the more it reverberates….RUN! RUN! RUN!!! She leaped and bellowed real hard, hoping that all these exist only in the deep recesses of her consciousness. But no, it is hounding, hunting her like a pack of hungry wolves.

She halts, then heaves deeply. Soon she feels she’s falling, free-falling while everything else is numb.

Then there’s silence. Her much needed silence.

Freedom finally becomes her.




Once a Blogger…

Some friends consistently ask why do I blog, while some would put up a baffled face because they have no idea what the hell “blogging” is all about. Some just find it quite an absurdity to spend hours typing away those thoughtsand stillremain anonymous in this infinite world wide web.

I still find blogging, like most of us do, an outlet to let go of all those unspoken thoughts. There are times when, the blogger in me turns out to be different from who I am in the real world, maybe because blogging stirs up an uncharted side of my being.

For a while, I was this close to quitting. Obviously, my previous post was more than a month ago. But hell did I realize blogging is already a part of my system. For so many mundane reasons, my drafts remained unpublished, some even landed in the trash bin.

There must be something about today that I decided to post again, regardless if it makes sense or not. Well I guess, once a blogger, always a blogger. And I really do hope I’m back.

Hello dear bloggers….it’s been a long time….really.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Myanmar death toll rose to 15,000; China earthquake claimed 62,000 lives; Images of the RCBC massacre keep on sending chills down my spine; David Cook is the new American Idol; the saga continues with Barrack and Hillary; the peso is down again….jeepney fare is at eight pesos; there’s a whole lot of commotion over the Meralco thing……and this blog is close to dormancy already.

It’s been more than a month since I last clicked the “write a new post” button. And in my attempt to compose my very first entry after a long time, random flashes of this month’s tragic events are the things that came to my mind.

Life seemed to stand still over the past few weeks. Feels like I’m being hauled by a centrifugal force as my inner world radically spins out of orbit. But as they say – life goes on.

One good thing though, my battle with this weight issue is giving favorable results….12 pounds gone and still counting! Thanks to Arthur S. Agatston, finally, I can see a glimmer of hope in my eternal crusade against fat.

There’s so much to write about….but I guess my blogging habit needs to get all warmed up again before I can truly, fully set off to normal blogging mode. 🙂

Thank you my blogfriends for bearing with me. Well, I guess I’m back….as in SEXY back. Lolol!!!!

Hanging On

I am currently overwhelmed with the surge of thoughts running inside my head, that I find it difficult to pin down to this very spot.

It’s a bit of a challenge to freeze these thoughts and put it all together in one comprehensible, logical post. I tried. But it just didn’t work. I had several drafts landing in the trash….and if I keep on trying, heaps of rubbish will be sent to the bin.

So I find it best to return when this uproar has finally settled down.

I will be back. Definitely.