The Month that WAS

December as always, is the busiest month of the year. And having an eleven-day off from work helped me manage a whole caboodle of affairs in my hands and somehow kept my stress levels to a manageable (if not minimum) stage.

My holidays this year seemed to be the most special thus far. First, my cousin and her family flew in from Canada after 14 years to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary here. And I, until now, is in awe how all five of them were able to fit like sardines in my tiny room, not to mention all of their suitcases and stuff.

Second, organizing their silver wedding affair is not a joke. Though the event was planned one year ahead, things crop up at the last minute and trivialities such as missing misalletes and misplaced wedding rings could turn your head upside down. But after some bloopers and minor glitches, the event went out well. Maybe I could set up my own events organizer office in the future.

Third, spending the holidays in Boracay was a first. Boracay welcomed us with big waves and heavy rains while the sun decided to shy away from the over-crowded beach during the whole course of our stay. Despite all these, this brief Boracay escapade was a blast.

Then there’s the countless Christmas parties and family reunions you have to attend to, staying until the wee hours of the morning and waking up a couple of hours later to attend the traditional simbang gabi. Then add up a number of driving errands for your balikbayan visitors after office hours, all these are squeezed in to your daily December life. At times like these, energizer drinks are my best friends, if not for these wonder drinks, I don’t think I could pull it off or my physical body would have given up long before the Christmas eve strikes.

So there. It’s the first day of work, remnants of the holidays are written all over my face, but things are slowly getting back to normal. Reality is gradually creeping back to my system and before I know it, I’m back to my feet again.



A Post-Christmas Post

All right. After months of preparation, of scuffling withthe mad crowdto shop for the right Christmas gifts….Christmas is over in less than 24 hours.

So while everyone else is still in the holiday mood becauseNew Year’s dayis stillahead, and just as everyone’s tummy is filled up with festive food, I am busy making a mental list on post holiday clean up.

Sorting out gifts. Okay so we’ve received quite a number of gifts this year. Admit it, some are useful and some are uh err so-so but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?So time to sort out gifts for immediate useandgiftswho’ll find their way inside thetrunk fortemporary storage- neatly tucked and sorted out according to size and color. They’ll find their purpose some other time. Uh oh, don’t get me wrong! I.don’ Because Ibelieve in the Karmic cyle of giving gifts – what you give out will be given back to you a hundred-fold. So who would’ve wanted a hundred mugs, figurines and other thingamabobs? Uhm, let’s just sayit’s a priceless collection through the years. Lol.

Clearing myinbox. Networks heaped millions ofbucks during the holidays because of text greetings. And your cellphone also run out of memorybecause of these text messages from people who care to remember. But it’s about time to clear them out already, including unknown numbers which you have inadvertently erased in the past.

SPA splurge. I’m suffering from aholiday fatigue. And in as much as I want to hit the spa for a nice soothing massage this very moment, I think I will have to postpone this until after the New Year is over.

Shop for thyself.All through the holiday season, I was so pre-occupiedshopping for everyone that I’ve never bought a singlegift for myself. Best time to hit the malls and shop with whatever is left of my 13th month pay. Aside frombrawling with fewer people, bargains are a- plenty after the holiday rush.

Getting rid of the holiday fat. Ok this is an issue since time immemorial. I’ve been consistently storing fat regardless if it’s theholidays or not. So this time, I will make sure it does happen. Fitness First here I come!

So there. At any rate, the holidays ain’t over yet. So I think I have to postpone doing these things in a couple more days.



Nine Mornings

Nine mornings. Nine consecutive masses held at dawn.Getting up at half past three in the morning to attendmass.Ninemornings of deprived sleep….. almost less than 5 hours of slumber. Oh well, it’s one of the thingswhich reminds me of the presence of Christmas season. The morning drive to the church, the whiff of fresh rice cakes rightinfront of youand the cool breeze thattouches your skin as you enter a jampacked church.

Nine mornings. Nine days before Christmas. A personal undertaking through the years.Withoutan expression of that proverbial wish-that-comes-true at the end of the9th day,but justapersonal prayer of amore fruitfuland blessed year ahead.

I’m done… until next year!And here’s to you my blog mates…..

May you findJOYto fillyour homesand PEACEto fillyour heartsthis BLESSEDSEASON.