Of Doctors and Politicos

For me, doctors are people clad in white robes, who walk around hospital corridors with stethoscopes hanging around their neck. You consult them for an ailment, they write something on a piece of paper and then charge you a consultation fee.

When the stars seem to be not on your side, they’d recommend confinement in a hospital, visits you everyday with junior residents tailing them wherever they go, and after they put their stethoscopes on every part of your body  as you breathe, you anxiously wait for the day when they would finally recommend discharge from the hospital.

Only after paying their almost exorbitant professional fees and hospital bills that you come close to cursing them.

But still, we owe our lives to these doctors. Perhaps some of them deserve the respect, while some of them are no different from extortionists.

Politicians and Doctors? I see no difference at all.


Proud to be Pinoy


Notwithstanding the fact that he’s become unpopular to me because of a whole lot of free loaders and opportunists taking advantage of his fame and fortune in his acquiescence…

Moments like these make you stand out and be proud of your race. 

Long live Pacman who once again brought pride and glory to this seemingly “hopeless” country.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy.