What I Hate (and Love) about Facebook

I admit. I can’t end the day without logging on to my FB account. Better yet, I can’t spend the day without peeking at my mobile phone for the news feed, and even can’t control my itchy finger urging to scroll down once that red color appears on my notifications page.

I am a facebook lurker. But of late, I get distracted with what I see on my wall.

Excessive information about one’s daily life can be exasperating. Sure, I get the highs when I get connected with long lost friends, with special people whom I’ve always wondered how they were doing after not seeing them for years. And I am amazed how facebook can get us connected and updated even when we are not physically together. These are the times.

But, forgive me. Too much of the good things can get irritating. Passively annoying.

Such inordinate posts about trivial stuff can really get into one’s system. By trivial I mean – being late for work, how stressful your day is, what to wear for the day (or what you’re wearing) a missing shoe, buying a new toothbrush, having braces or removing them, a flat tire, an injured knee, going to the gym everyday, having too much to eat, playing with your pet, how you cried watching a sappy movie, trying on a new make up….and list can go on and on.

I get dizzy with too much face on my computer screen, those selfies I mean. One or two shots is excusable, but a multitude of them in different poses and angles, all bundled up in a collage, and worse, obviously photoshopped or edited by some phone app – simply outrageous.  Not to mention those poses in front of the mirror with your hand vertically holding your mobile phone.

It seemed mandatory to post the kids’ new toys, the new gadget you just purchased, your brand new car, new purses, your new chandelier, those pasalubongs, the gifts from santa. Endless ooohsss and aaaahssss and thank-yous.  I can tolerate a couple to these, but repeated, and almost habitual postings of such are just too much to ingest.

Then there are the hate posts. They are sort of guess-who-I’m-talking-about kind of thing, but it is so intriguing that you end up generating comments and queries about who and what happened. I don’t mind them at all. It is even quite amusing to join in the fun, of adding insult to injury. You get to solicit empathy from your cirlcle of friends, having an assurance that your facebook friends could rally behind you in your battles. But then again, too much of this could make you appear you are loaded with so much baggage.

But of course, Facebook is not about all these things. I love reading quotes, sensible quotes. I like getting pointers about traveling. Those baby pictures I am so fond of. Family gatherings, weddings, reunions, all things positive and worth celebrating. Everything in moderation.

With this I have come to realize that I’ve become a different person once I log in. There’s unsolicited advice on my comments, there’s disliking a friend just because of his/her posts. There’s even judgement just because of one’s status. I don’t like what I turn to when I use my facebook.

Perhaps its time to use less of facebook this coming year. Facebook has done a great deal to people who get connected again. But sometimes, it destroys friendships and ruins people’s lives.

There’s more to life than those news feeds and statuses.

And I can’t believe I am able to post again after a long time.


Lost and Found

The internet never cease to amaze me. Ok, if you find it too cliche-ic, sue me. At least I found something to blog about before this li’l ‘ol turf gets buried to the eternal ho-hum world.

Aside from providing the information you need with just a few mouse clicks here and there, you get to find your long lost old chums in elementary and high school years, or you find yourself being hunted by some ghosts from your past. And I mean these “ghosts” whom the last time you remembered seeing them was when you wanted to hit them with a hefty thwack on their face. Ok, it’s a bit of an exaggeration but the thing is, you never thought that an ex-flame would find you again, of all places – thru Facebook. If I am to give credit to Facebook, it’s how it re-connects people who wanted to get re-connected; likewise, I discredit it for enabling people to track you down by a few kilobytes’ run or so. 

Anyway, after finding a number of people from my adolescent years and realizing that ex-flames sometimes do rise up from the dead, I’ve discovered a handful of recurring behavior that I find quite odd :


  • I’d mentally measure the poundage they’ve gained through the years by simply scanning their photos. If my estimate is more than my extra weight, well hell ya, I am relieved. At least, there’s more of them who are plus-sized than me. 
  • I’d take note if they have changed their surnames or not. Well, why not? It’s an assurance that I am not the only single woman standing in this world! Like, welcome to the club dearie!
  • Sometimes, I would silently comment how much older they looked than their age. So I admit, I can be shrewd at times. So sue me again.
  • Oh and I’d scan “the-ex’s”  profile for pictures of the wife. I get curious to see the one whom they ended up with. Then I see only imperfections – too fat, too dark, too old….hah! I’m prettier as always…hahahaha! Bitterness. tsk.

Tsk.tsk.tsk.  Me-is-bad. Me-is-rude. Me-is-bitter. 

Hey, I’m sure you’ve acted this way before. C’mon.

Patience is a Virtue

Dial up sucks. Yeah I know, I should’ve subscribed to a broadband provider a long time ago. But the penny pinching me-thinks a thousand bucks off my monthly paycheck is quite a hefty price to pay. For the life of me, I’ve been surfing the net via dial-up connection, and for the longest time since the world wide web was infused into my system, my pc is running at 46kbps everytime I go online.

Until PLDT offers a landline and a dsl connection package. All for 990 pesos. Wow! Finally. Unlimited surfing haven for just a few bucks more.

Then again, the thought of endless speed surfing is sadly, ephemeral. PLDT still stands up for what they are known for -heaps of backlogs and slooowwwer than a snail’s pace service. Grrr.

Eversince I applied for this package a couple of months ago, not a single shadow of the telephone man appeared at our doorstep. And I’ve been receiving the same exact answers everytime I call them up for a follow up. “Two to three weeks processing time, because we have to convert your phoneline to another system, yada yada yada. Yeah right. Obviously, they are bluffing their way for excuses. Since yakking at them wouldn’t help, and hounding them everyday for follow ups proved to be such a waste of time, I decided to just quit and simply wait.

Oh well, I guess my dsl has to wait. Until when, I don’t know – maybe after a millionth PLDT customer has been served. Anyway, as they say, good things come to those who wait. Lol.

Haay. Patience is indeed a virtue.