Book First, Movie Later

So finally, the wait is over. Majority of the metropolis is raving about Twilight, the movie. And because I am one, self-confessed Edward and Bella lunatic, oops I mean, fanatic, I dashed to the mall 48 hours after the first day of showing. So yeah, while I’m still at it, I’d take this time to write about it and finally break this long-extended blog leave. Forgive me though, my creative juices are still dripping at a minimum level, so please bear with me folks. 

Watching the movie after having read (and re-read the book a couple times over) is, actually not a good idea. And since that part of my left brain lusts for some accurate visual entertainment, to my dismay, the movie failed to seduce the reader’s keen sense of detail. 

Well what do you expect? All 498 pages of the book cramped into a two hour silver screen version. So just imagine watching a Cliff notes version of the book. All chapters summarized into one, organized story line. Most details where changed, some parts altered and deleted, but just the same, it ended with the way it should. Edward and Bella together, still, more vampire hunts ahead. 

But to be fair with the movie producers and the director, vampire chase-scenes and other out-of-this-human-league vampire qualities are brilliantly delivered in the movie. That’s A for effort. And yeah, Robert Pattinson did Edward Cullen justice, so does Kristen Stewart to Isabella Swan. The movie theater is filled with rustling shrieks of admiration, as these two beings perfectly personified a drop-dead-gorgeous-and potentially-dangerous immortal, head over heels in-love with a Phoenix-bred lass who was somewhat perceived to be a bit jaded.

So a few things I’ve learned when watching a movie that I enjoyed reading:

  • don’t expect all the scenes to be as accurate as it was vs. the book.
  • the movie won’t turn out the way you imagined it to be. Some may be better than your imagination, while the others are better left within the confines of your creative mind.
  • it is not THAT bad to watch the movie though, it helps to know other people’s perception of the book. And then you realize how distorted your brain works as the movie turns out to be a mismatch of your imagination.

Now the disclaimer : This is not a film review, I am not a film critic. This post is brought about by simply watching Twilight. And I will remain an Edward and Bella fan. 

Though I have this nagging impression that the director didn’t actually read the book….tsk. Hahaha.