Visita Iglesia

Yesterday was Maundy Thursday, my folks and I went out for the traditional Visita Iglesia (Visiting Churches) a vow my father made ever since I was a kid. 7 nearby Churches, 7 distinctly decorated altars – each carried a theme of their own. Each has their own unique way of adoration, of celebrating the passion of Christ.

Through the years, the altars have evolved, from the traditional and typical catholic church altar, from flowers and old fashioned candelabras, it has progressed and learned to adapt in the modern times.

Patio leading to the Adoration Altar
San Pedro Bautista Church, Q.C.
The other side of the Patio
Adoration Altar -San Pedro Bautista Church

I posted two of my most favored churches. But it has always been San Pedro Bautista Church who’s on top of my list. I’ve always liked the feeling every time I enter this church’s backyard. A hundred year old patio will greet you as soon as you open the door – that rustic feeling throws me right into prayer mood.

Though they “slightly overdid” it this year, with the presence of a mirror ball at the back of the blessed sacrament – this church remains to be my favorite of all.

It’s two days before Easter – but I’ll post my greetings anyway –

Happy Easter blogmates!