Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Will somebody tell me where can I purchase a mirror such as this?

Mirror, mirror on the wall…..tell thy master that adding weight isn’t such a horror. Mirror, mirror on the wall…..give thy master the highest confidence of them all. Mirror, mirror on the wall…..say that thy master is the fittest of us all!

Lol. Eto ang resulta ng walang ma-iblog.


Two Pounds of Thoughts

I knew it. All this time I thought I’m all geared up to meet you again. I thought all the things I’ve done were enough. I’ve sacrificed enough. I went to great lengths just to be ready to meet you again.  

But then again, it wasn’t the same anymore. You’d be staring back at me with that frustrated look. You’ll silently say things that I don’t want to hear….”it takes time.” You would never appreciate what I’ve done just to make you happy. But I guess we’re both not ready, and it was me who was rushing things.


So here’s what I wanted you to know my dear weighing scale…..

I sooo hate you!

After starving myself to death, after NOT watching my favorite cooking shows, after sweating it out and after wrestling with all these gym equipments just to take off at least some of that flab, you’d just grin and say….I lost just 2 pounds??? 2 pounds????

Tsk. Tsk. Bloody hell. And you thought I’d finally throw in the towel? Uh oh, sorry but I won’t give up this battle. I won’t let you beat me and knock me down once more. I’ll make sure I’ll end up victorious the next time.

So, till we meet again my dear weighing scale. Brace yourself and prepare for your downfall! Har har har.

I Must. I Must.

This fight to hinder this relentless flab is proving to be tougher as I age.

Ten or so years ago, I’d sweat it out and finish a one-hour cardio workout without feeling tired. Nowadays, I find myself puffed, exhausted and wanting to give up during the first 15 minutes of warm up…because I could feel my lungs about to explode, and my heartbeat alarmingly fast.

Ten or so years ago, I can immediately pick up the basic steps and remember the next moves during an aero session…..today, I am desperately lost in a sea of synchronized moving bodies.

Ten or so years ago, I rejoice at the results of weight loss in three or four weeks. These days, I steer clear of the weighing scale for about three months because I never want to see the same weight after killing myself in the gym and after starving to death.

Ten or so years ago, I spend almost an entire day at the gym during weekends. Aero here, treadmill there, dumbbells after, then sauna after the dumbbells, then back to the next aero session…..I was always on the go, because I am reminded of the gratifying results in three weeks’ time.

Today, I can barely finish a 40-minute treadmill session. Or if I do, I was so wiped out that I’ll head off immediately to the shower room, dress up and leave. Argh.

Age and Weight. Why do they have to connive to make you look miserable??!! Lol. And why is it that losing weight is synonymous to bleeding – physically and financially.

But then again, the fight is on!

I must….I must….I must lose this awful flab.

I must….I must….I must not give up.

Think….Think….. Think of the monthly fee.