Cool Off

Long time friends regardless of the years of friendship, also pass thru trials.

That is when petty situations become major disagreements. Small stuff turn into big deals. When you’ve suddenly felt like you’ve been left behind when they’ve moved on fast enough to forget about you. When expectations become frustrations and you’ve become familiar with the scarcity of time spent with them. Time comes when your daily telephone conversations become short, once-in-a-blue-moon text messages.

And one day you wake up and realize its been two years since you’ve talked. As in really talk.

The sad part is, no one wants to make the first move.


It’s One of Those Days.

You know it’s one of those days when….

  1. Your eyes are transfixed on your computer screen for hours, and you can’t seem to get things done at work. Only to realize it’s already time to go.
  2. You pig out during lunch and dinner time, as if it’s going to be the last meals of your life. And in between those monumental food tripping, you think more about what to eat in between….ice cream, chips, chocolates matched with a very ice-cold soda.
  3. The rains add up to your dumpy mood.
  4. Nothing and no one can cheer you up.
  5. You’re physically here but you’re there….still wandering about your recent three week sojourn, which you find it hard to get over with.
  6. The dark clouds cling to you like fridge magnets. The more you run away, the more sticky they become.
  7. …and lastly, you remember you have an inactive blog, log in and type away your thoughts. Wahla, you have a new post!
Aaaah….it’s one of those friggin’ days again.


The thought of hauling my suitcase out of the closet to pack my things gives me an overdose of unparalleled euphoria.

It’s like an addiction that is seemingly  irrepressible, much less incurable.

This trip was conceived four months ago. From four travelers down to two.

From budgeting this much to ending up to spending more. From booking this flight and adjusting it to a later date. From standing in line and waiting for hours to renew my passport, to feeling like a criminal after being interviewed by a Filipino visa officer for my visa application.

It was like a roller coaster ride,or having strong air turbulence in the middle of your flight. …the strains of applying for a visa, the agony of waiting, the nitty gritty process of completing the requirements,  up to the back-breaking details of how to squeeze your budget for your funds to fit in.

This trip was almost cancelled, as it went thru stumbling blocks and hurdles. When work got in the way (lol) and the approval of your three week vacation seemed bleak, the trip came close to being postponed to a later date.

But by twist of fate, the dark clouds disappeared and the clear skies made way for this trip to push thru as planned.

And I am  grateful to the Almighty for letting us travel again. This trip might cost a lifetime savings…..but what the heck, a few more weeks and we’re off to another adventure.

Thank you my Lord for granting me this trip.

Christmas Mood

The sound of Christmas songs make me happy. “Ber” months make me giddy with excietment.

But on my way home last night, this Gary Valenciano heartbreaking Christmas song played on my car radio. The sight of moving cars passing by and the gloomy, about-to-rain-before-sunset athmosphere brought tears down my cheeks.


It sucks to be me….sometimes.

Simple Joys

Living with my sexagenarian parents for almost four decades made me realize that the older you get, the simpler life becomes. That is, finding joy and fulfillment in every day life.

After Mom filed her retirement a few years back, and Dad decides to slow down and take a break, life for them has never been easier and uncomplicated. They’ve learned to embrace life in a slower, more relaxed pace.

They spend their early mornings tending to our makeshift garden. My dad’s form of exercise is making sure my car is squeeky clean before I start the ignition and set off for a day’s work at the office. My mom gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning to prepare breakfast.

An hour and a half later, my nephew, the one and only grandson is  ready, so off they go to bring him to school. On their way back, they’d stop by the “palengke” to buy pandesal and newspaper.

Sometimes we have breakfast together, but when I need to come to the office earlier than usual, I’d take mine ahead of them and by the time they sit down at the breakfast table, I’ll be in the shower and would unintentionally eavesdrop on their almost-mundane conversations over breakfast.They talk about almost anything under the sun – political issues, news and current affairs, showbiz tsimis, our relatives, the neighbor’s helpers and above all things – what’s for lunch and dinner. Sometimes they argue, not because they have different views but because they seem not to hear each other.

By high noon, and after having lunch together, as if on cue, you’ll find them sitting beside each other watching Eat Bulaga. You’ll be amazed at how they know the show by heart. How excited and animated they’ve become every time Pinoy Genio is on air, the way they hold on to their cellphones when Vic Sotto announces what to text and where to text.

In between domestic chores, afternoon naps, cable and local tv, they’d call me in the office to ask if I’ll be home for dinner, if I can’t make it to dinner, theirs would automatically translate to – leftovers or sardines or tuyo.

Sometimes, when Mom gets bored at home, he’d prod my dad to bring her to the mall. There are times too, they’d get their Senior Citizen’s booklet and avail of free movie passes.

Those times when I get home late, or too late, Mom never fails to text me. She’ll stay awake all night until after she gets my message that I’m almost a block away from home. Then my Dad would wake up and open the gate for me.

There. Bits and pieces of a day in the life of….my sexagenarian folks. Their simple joys. The simple life.  I love them. I will never trade anything for them.

The beauty of life is spending your days with the people you love. And I thank God for such gift. I just wonder, will my life be less complicated when I reach their age? =)

Have a Nice Day

This morning, on my way to work, in the middle of a frantic rush-hour traffic, I decided to step on the break and give way to an old man driving a not-so-old car in a busy intersection.

The car windows went down and out came a smiling old man. His lips read “thank you”.

Good to know there are people who appreciate even your smallest gesture.

This made my day right. =)